New Direction of Blog: Social Media and Public Relations

As the new school year begins, so begins another new blog.  This blog will be much different from the last one and will be much more writing intensive.  The subject of the blog is to discuss social media and its role in the practice of modern public relations.  I got the idea for the blog from my dad who has worked in the business for almost 35 years.  I also am excited to write on this subject since I do believe that this will definitely be the future of public relations.

For my first article to ponder I simply typed in, “social media and pr” in to google which immediately yielded tons of results. The article that stuck out to me is called Social Media is the Responsibility of Public Relations. It is written by a guy, named Jason Falls, who has been in the PR industry for many years and also talks around the country on issues like this.

The article mostly talks about how as of right now we are not prepared to use social media in PR or we have the wrong people in our company working on it.  He says that more often than not it is the IT department that is put in charge of social media instead of the PR department.  He says this can be harmful to a public’s view of a company since IT people are trained to deal with computers and not with people.  Also, people in the communications business aren’t sure what to do with the relatively new field of social media since most people aren’t proficient in how to use it and there is really still no common rule of thought.

For someone who is young and also coming into the world of pr this is all both good and bad news.  The good news is that social media is something that our generation is good at and also knows how to use well.  However on the other side of the argument we also don’t know where the direction of social media will head.  This means that three or four years from now when we are getting jobs our social media knowledge may be obsolete.  In conclusion, I believe the only way to stay up to date with modern PR is to not only practice PR well but also be competent with modern social media.


Final Project

The first thing I have to say about this video is that it was one of the most fun projects I have ever been a part of.  The team worked well together, and I think the video reflects that.  My favorite thing that we did while making the movie is the makeshift dolly shots that we made for some of our rotating pans.

Messy: A Silent Film

Directing actors to become apart of your vision is always a hard thing to do, no matter how good the actor.  Using actors that aren’t really actors also adds another hard aspect when it comes to directing.  In our movie we ended up using me in the film since we had already started filming before it was posted that we were supposed to use outside actors.  However, my co-star, Dani did a great job of following directions and also of acting.  With a silent movie we tried to stress using hand gestures and facial movements to show different types of emotions.  Also the use of narrative slides helps to tell the story.

Elon Football video

This video is an interview with freshman football player Matt Eastman and talks about what he thinks the team is looking like for our 2010 season.  I liked the way it turned out and worked well with the combination of pictures and video.

Photo project: The Last Girl at Elon

This story takes place here at Elon, and features a girl who manages to sleep all the way until summer break.  The story is rather simple, but I tried my best to make the action a little bit more intense by using the burst mode on the camera.  This mode captured some exciting action and showed it in almost real-time.  Towards the end, I started to use longer fades to build up suspense for what is about to be revealed.  I believe those cuts as well as the music selection allowed for a good bit of suspense.


For my website design I decided to make a remix of my radio station’s current website using some of the new techniques I learned in class.  I think my results ended up great, and I really like how my website turned out.  The two pages I made to link off of the homepage were the news page as well as the sports page.  These pages were created to describe the types of programs and also to describe the hosts of these programs.  I tried to keep everything as simple as I could, since the website is designed for older users since they are the main people who listen to the station.

Converse Ad

This is the ad I made for Converse shoes.  My main goal for this ad was to create something that really stands out, and I think this goes a great job of doing just that.  I used all bright colors to blast the viewer as soon as they come across the page.  I used picture cutouts to emphasize the slogan of, “break the bubble.”  I think this was a good slogan for this style since Converse is a company that already uses this type of idea in their ads.  This slogan also goes well with the photo shoot goal. I tried to keep both the new logos simple, but also cool looking.  The three tools I used most for this project were the lettering tools, magnetic lasso, and size adjustment.  I used the lettering to create both the logos and the slogans.  And I used both types of lasso to outline the pictures so I could pull them off of their backgrounds.