Product Shoot

Our product was converse shoes.  We decided we wanted to use models with the shoes because we looked at the other Converse ads and they all featured models looking a certain way wearing the shoes.  We tried to stick to this style and fit in with the other converse ads.  The biggest thing we tried to duplicate were the styles, body position, and the emotion that the models in the ads portrayed.  We also used an urban-ish background like the original ads, and this stairwell proved to be a perfect spot.  The lighting for this picture ended up being pretty unique in its own right as well.  We used one of the large 1000 watt lights at a 90 degree angle from the front and also pulled up my car and put the headlights with the high-beam lights on.  We put 2 wire light diffusers in front of the 1000 watt light so that we could tone down some of the light.  The only thing I don’t like about this picture is that when we added it to qucksilver the quality dropped tremendously and made the picture look out of focus.


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