Product Shoot

Our product was converse shoes.  We decided we wanted to use models with the shoes because we looked at the other Converse ads and they all featured models looking a certain way wearing the shoes.  We tried to stick to this style and fit in with the other converse ads.  The biggest thing we tried to duplicate were the styles, body position, and the emotion that the models in the ads portrayed.  We also used an urban-ish background like the original ads, and this stairwell proved to be a perfect spot.  The lighting for this picture ended up being pretty unique in its own right as well.  We used one of the large 1000 watt lights at a 90 degree angle from the front and also pulled up my car and put the headlights with the high-beam lights on.  We put 2 wire light diffusers in front of the 1000 watt light so that we could tone down some of the light.  The only thing I don’t like about this picture is that when we added it to qucksilver the quality dropped tremendously and made the picture look out of focus.


Lighting Project

This photo is of my friend, and is definitely my favorite picture taken from our studio session on Sunday.  This is a two light set-up with one key light at a 90 degree angle from her face, and a low hair light set up behind her.  The key light is being diffused with a white light reflector, so the light appears soft on her face.  The back light is being shot straight through the lighting umbrella we had, and does a great job of making her hair pop from the background. The light on her face is also a nice Rembrandt triangle, but with soft edges.

Photo Project

My first photo shoot:

This is my favorite picture from my first ever photo shoot.    This shot really stuck out for me because the subject’s face is giving a perfect reaction to the sunlight. The squint of his eye combined with the grin it makes on his mouth shows alot of personality.  Also the hoodie with the jewels and money make for an interesting contrast with the fuzzy, soft texture of the fur bomber hat. Big arches hold up the back giving an impression of solidarity that goes well with the confident smirk. His eye-line  goes straight into the camera, and he is focused right on the viewer.  I also think the fact that his skin is so dark, yet you can still see all the details of his face makes for a good use of the light.

Using documentary style with manual controls on the camera made for a pretty challenging shoot.  I was lucky to get this shot of my friend Rodney by just popping in front of him and trying to get a picture before he said anything.  This surprise really made for a unique picture.  The challenge of adjusting the camera to fix the light settings was very hard at first, but I think by the time I got to this picture I was really starting to get the hang of it.

The hardest part of this assignment was definitely finding the right balance between f-stop size and all of the other settings on the camera.  There are many pictures where I was simply trying to get this balance correct.  It was very frustrating working in the bright light around 1 O’clock, but I was able to get some of my best pictures, like this one, with the lower light around 3.  This project was a very good learning experience since it helped me to understand how the camera works and how to use it to frame action well.

Cool Picture

This is a cool picture I came across when looking at a bunch of pictures my class posted online.  This picture is unique in it’s own right because of the severity of the storm in what looks to be a once in a lifetime shot.  Also the contrast from the black background really allows the colors of the rainbow to show brightly.  Also the low horizon level allows for the sky to seem stable like we were actually seeing it with our eyes.  The oil rig is also perfectly off center and low to give the picture a bit of a Fibonacci effect.

First Post

This is my first post just to check out how this thing really works.  I’ve never been much of a blogger, but hopefully this will get some of my work out.