Lighting Project

This photo is of my friend, and is definitely my favorite picture taken from our studio session on Sunday.  This is a two light set-up with one key light at a 90 degree angle from her face, and a low hair light set up behind her.  The key light is being diffused with a white light reflector, so the light appears soft on her face.  The back light is being shot straight through the lighting umbrella we had, and does a great job of making her hair pop from the background. The light on her face is also a nice Rembrandt triangle, but with soft edges.


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  1. Posted by janaefrazier on February 23, 2010 at 2:56 am

    I really like the angelic look of this photo. My only suggestion is to maybe have been closer to her so that there isn’t a lot of the white background in the picture (especially on the left). but other than that, Great Job!


  2. Posted by anastasiaromanowicz on February 23, 2010 at 7:43 pm

    I really liked the eye line in this photo and the soft look the lighting gives her face and hair. I think that if you had a closer shot of her face it could have helped improve the picture and also maybe taking away some of the side of the left curtain…but it was a really great photo.


  3. This picture is really cool because it is lit so well and because of the model’s facial expression. It would have been cool to see an extreme close-up of the girl, but this photo is really great.


  4. Her hair looks so soft and I love it. The lighting on her face is also beautiful. I would love to see this picture closer to her face and hair.


  5. As I took this picture, I am definitely a fan of it. The expression on her face does seem very angelic and innocent. I might have moved in a little closer if I had the opportunity to do it again.


  6. I definitely like the softness of this photo. The contrast makes it sort of abrupt at the same time, though. My suggestion would be to try using a hair light.


  7. This picture is really nice.. The focus is great, the lighting works well for the picture and I like the background. I really wouldnt change anything but would like to see what it looks zoomed in more.


  8. This was one of my favorite pictures overall because there are so many good qualities. I really love the way the model’s eyes sparkle and the fact that they are looking up. Although I think it would be cool to see it closer up, you would have cut off some of her hair, which was another great thing about this picture, so great job!


  9. My favorite part of this picture is the way her hair is lit. It looks so soft! I also love her facial expression. I wouldn’t change anything about this picture, great job!


  10. Posted by Katie on February 24, 2010 at 3:22 am

    Mark I think you always have the best pictures. I love this one. I said it on the other post about it, but I love her angelic look. By looking up it adds a story and it gives her emotion that I think is very common emotion. I think it’s your choice, but by putting light on the other side of her face she would look less mischievous and more innocent.


  11. Posted by Sarah Carideo on February 24, 2010 at 4:21 am

    I like the way her face is lit with the one side shadowed and it just seems very soft. If the brighter light had been on her shoulder more it would have seemed more natural, because now I feel like it distracts from the subject.


  12. I love how soft her hair looks, it really looks like the softest hair I have ever seen. It was a very smart shot as well because it makes her look like a sort of angel or something. I love the light on her back because it is different than most of the other pictures that we saw in class. One thing would possibly be to play around with the background, maybe put her in front of a black background that might look cool


  13. This is a very well lit picture, Mark. The way you used the two light set-up makes the model appear sofa and angelic-like. My only suggestion is that I wish there could have been more light on her face.


  14. Jane looks really angelic with the lighting forming a halo around her hair. This picture would be even better if she had a tad more lighting on her face.


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