New Direction of Blog: Social Media and Public Relations

As the new school year begins, so begins another new blog.  This blog will be much different from the last one and will be much more writing intensive.  The subject of the blog is to discuss social media and its role in the practice of modern public relations.  I got the idea for the blog from my dad who has worked in the business for almost 35 years.  I also am excited to write on this subject since I do believe that this will definitely be the future of public relations.

For my first article to ponder I simply typed in, “social media and pr” in to google which immediately yielded tons of results. The article that stuck out to me is called Social Media is the Responsibility of Public Relations. It is written by a guy, named Jason Falls, who has been in the PR industry for many years and also talks around the country on issues like this.

The article mostly talks about how as of right now we are not prepared to use social media in PR or we have the wrong people in our company working on it.  He says that more often than not it is the IT department that is put in charge of social media instead of the PR department.  He says this can be harmful to a public’s view of a company since IT people are trained to deal with computers and not with people.  Also, people in the communications business aren’t sure what to do with the relatively new field of social media since most people aren’t proficient in how to use it and there is really still no common rule of thought.

For someone who is young and also coming into the world of pr this is all both good and bad news.  The good news is that social media is something that our generation is good at and also knows how to use well.  However on the other side of the argument we also don’t know where the direction of social media will head.  This means that three or four years from now when we are getting jobs our social media knowledge may be obsolete.  In conclusion, I believe the only way to stay up to date with modern PR is to not only practice PR well but also be competent with modern social media.


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